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Ruby BCN est un service de gestion de la propriété personnalisable, notre priorité est d’être disponible à tout moment et de répondre au mieux aux besoins et aux attentes de nos clients, des locataires et des invités. Nous nous soucions de nos clients et des propriétés. Nous offrons des conseils professionnels sur les dépôts, les contrats, les investissements ainsi que la rénovation. Nous nous surmenons pour protéger votre bien, afin de maintenir la qualité de celui-ci. Nous sommes constamment à la recherche des meilleurs rapports qualité-prix et de professionnels de qualité dans le but de minimiser les coûts des réparations et du nettoyage.

Nous savons à quel point il est important d’avoir une personne de confiance pour gérer vos biens, d’autant plus si vous vivez dans un autre pays. Ainsi, nous ferons tout ce qui est de notre possible pour que vous vous sentiez en sécurité et que votre propriété soit entre de bonnes mains.

La gestion quotidienne d’une propriété peut être considérable, même si vous vivez à proximité. C’est pourquoi, Ruby BCN vous propose d’intervenir et de vous aider.

Nous offrons une large gamme de services de gestion et si nous ne fournissons pas ce que vous cherchez, nous pouvons vous connecter avec d’autres professionnels anglophones: comptables, avocats, architectes pour répondre à tout vos besoins.

Nous nous occupons de tous les types de propriétés situées dans Barcelone.

Nous offrons également des services adaptés à vos besoins, que ce soit un service ponctuel ou continu, nous pouvons vous aider.







    • Appartements touristiques
    • Location à moyen terme
    • Location à long terme
    • Publicité et réservation
    • Création et enregistrement de contrats de location
    • Photo pour linventaire


    • Alarmes 24/7
    • Portes anti-squatter
    • Verrou électronique
    • Portes renforcées
    • Serrures changées


    • Disponible 24h/24 7j/7
    • Aide administrative
    • Mise en place dassurance
    • Intervention en urgence
    • Présence aux réunions communautaires
    • Mise à jour trimestriel
    • Gestion des clés


    • Nettoyage fait pas un professionnel
    • Vérifications réalisées par un responsable
    • Nettoyage adapté aux normes
    • Nettoyage des fenêtres et des volets
    • Nettoyage en profondeur
    • Nettoyage durant le séjour


    • Personnel qualifié et digne de confiance
    • Réponse immédiate
    • Réparations spécialisées
    • Architecte qualifié
    • Petits et grands travaux


    • Blanchisserie de maison
    • Récupération et livraison 24h/24 7j/7
    • Machine à laver et sèche linge industriel
    • Fer à repasser industriel
    • Normes dhotel





  • I have been working with Ruby Slippers for 2 years,  and I cannot recommend them highly enough.   Rebecca is very professional,  and carries out her work with exceptional integrity.   I recently had my property flooded during a storm, and her help to manage the insurance company,  the community of the building and the tenant was invaluable.   As I spend a lot of time out of the country,  having Rebecca managing my property and my tenants is a huge weight off my mind.

  • My husband Robert and I live in the UK and have owned our apartment in Diagonal Mar Barcelona for over 7 years. When our previous manager decided on a career change last June 2013, we feel we were very fortunate to have been recommended Rebecca Day to take over the reins.

    We have found Rebecca to be trustworthy and reliable, and have been very impressed by her thoroughness and professionalism. She speaks fluent Catalan which has been a huge bonus, and has gone above and beyond her usual duties to help us sort out out any problems we have had both with the apartment itself and our rental business; from liaising with the management company of the block on our behalf, to organising the replacement of new furniture for our apartment.

    We have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca as an excellent apartment manager, and we count ourselves as very fortunate to have her looking after our property.

  • I contracted the services from Ruby Slippers to act as our contact for our apartment in El Born during the times we were overseas.  Rebecca Day, our property manager, provided excellent, attentive service.  She is a clear communicator and responded to inquiries quickly and concisely making the interactions very smooth and easy to manage from such a distance.

    ANA LIU - EL BORN (2015)
  • Not being a resident of Barcelona… I am always looking for someone to replace me… for a company to take care of my properties and my business while I am not physically available… Ruby Slippers does what they promise … they manage your property in the most efficient way.

    Sherif Elsayad - Tredco Properties Co-Founder (2015)
  • Ruby Slippers….. ‘there is no place like home’. A property management company that truly keeps its promises.

    After a few unforgettable holidays to Barcelona my husband and I decided to purchase an investment property in Spain. Buying a property in a foreign country, where you don’t speak the language, is an exciting but daunting task and I can honestly say Ruby Slippers has offered both support and advice on EVERYTHING! I was so lucky to find Rebecca as she has become my Barcelona – go to girl.

    Property management, cleaning services, maintence, IKEA furniture delivery, renovation contacts and utilities advise have all been offered in a quick, reliable and professional manner.

    Finally but most importantly, Ruby Slippers have offered me an accurate bilingual translation service which has helped tremendously with every aspect of purchasing and owning an apartment in Spain.

    I know our apartment is in fanatsic hands!!!!

    Crayton and Katelyn Apps - Dubai (2015)
  • Меня зовут Владимир. У меня квартира в центре Барселоны, которой я владею с 2013 года и которая находится в управлении компании Ruby Slippers.
    Сотрудники компании – это команда профессионалов в сфере управления недвижимости, с которыми всегда приятно работать. Надеюсь на долгое и плодотворное сотрудничество

    Vladimir Avdeev (2015)
  • “Ruby Slippers always does a great job of making sure that delivery is arranged for the best time, that the IKEA items are in stock – substitutes provided upon approval if not – and that deliverables are exactly what was requested. »

    Jana Ikea Online
  • I have found the staff of Ruby Slippers to be extremely friendly and efficient.  No job is too big or too small for Rebecca and her team.  Their network of tradesmen and professionals are competent and reasonably priced.

    Helen Hughes 2015
  • We own an apartment in Consell de Cent, but we move out of Spain, and we needed a trustworthy Property Management. We are so lucky to have found Rebecca! The moment we hire her she shown her professionalism. We rented our apartment really fast thanks to her hard work.

    She has helping us with every single detail. She is very organized, reliable and very friendly. Any problem that we have had, she has solved it immediately. We truly recommend Rebecca. She gives an excellent service!

    Maribel Albores (2015)
  • Ruby Slippers are always on hand when you need them and are reliable and efficient no matter how complicated the problem might be. I find their professional and friendly service indispensable for peace of mind.

    Anthony Gauci (France, 2014)
  • I have been working with Rebecca for 3 years now and couldn´t be any happier. She´s hard working , totally truthworthy and  tottally reliable. She has initiative and has solved many maintenance problems while I have been away. Many times she went above and beyond of what was Expected. I travel a lot and it´s very reassuring to have someone like Rebecca taking care of everything. I absolutely recommend her.

    Jose Egea - (Owner of Two Tourist Rental Properties - 2015)
  • Rebecca has been a fantastic and very professional.

    We started off with a short meeting, and she came on time! (Important for Scandinavians ;-) and she had a clear and relevant agenda for the meeting. Since then our flat have been in good hands. Short and precise mail correspondance, highly appreciated in a busy work schedule. She solves problems and make us feel comfortable.

    Michael Valentin (2015)



Nadlan Spain est une agence immobilière située en Israël, qui a pour objectif d’aider les investisseurs israéliens à acheter des actifs immobiliers en Espagne. L’agence offre un soutien ainsi que  des conseils concernant le processus d’investissement à ces investisseurs.

Nadlan Spain travaille en partenariat avec Ruby Slippers BCN sl afin d’assurer aux  investisseurs un service de gestion de la propriété de haute qualité ainsi  qu’un professionnalisme sans reproche.